There's Utility... Then There's The Tick3t

The Tick3t is the first membership of its kind on the Ethereum blockchain. An on-chain membership providing access to world class sports and entertainment globally.

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Cultivating an elite group of innovators, disrupters, and adopters across the globe. A network built for the future and ahead of the pack. As individuals, we often get stuck buying tickets on the secondary market paying markups and fees that often end up 2x or more of the face value of the ticket. As a community, we have the ability to purchase at scale, unlocking more for members and experiences they will never forget!


Access is the name of the game. There is utility... then there's The Tick3t. From community suites to premium seating, members are experiencing more than ever and creating lifelong memories. Life's good with The Tick3t!

  • The Tick3t Black Pass

    Lifetime Global Membership

    Fractionalized Access to Premium Community Experiences at Live Events

    Equitable Reservation System

    Quantity: 619

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  • The Tick3t Silver Pass

    Companion Pass to the Black Pass

    Ability to "Burn" 3 Silver Pass for a Net New Black Pass Reducing Total Supply

    Quantity: 332

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  • The Black Pass Is Your Key

    It all starts with the Black Pass. It is the key that unlocks all benefits. The pass gives you global access to all events.

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  • Silver Pass

    This is your companion pass. It alone will not get you access to events, but it does allow you to bring a significant other or friend with you to events.

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  • Reservations Queue

    We use a reservations queue to ensure equitable access to events. Each Black Pass has a unique Pass ID that indicates it's own spot on the list, so owning multiple is to your benefit. Click the link below to see where each Pass ID ranks.

    Pass Rank 
  • Upcoming Events

    Click the link below to see the list of upcoming events. These events are at no additional cost to members.

    Event Calendar 
  • Past Events

    Click the link below to see the list of past events members attended.

    Past Events 
  • Making Reservations

    Reservations start 4-6 weeks prior to the event. Reservations are for members only and are done via Google Form that is posted in Discord.

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  • London

  • Los Angeles

  • New York City

  • Miami

  • San Francisco

  • Chicago

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